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Our Process consists of a series of simple steps. All the way from finalizing a business strategy for your brand to designing an extraordinary prototype to developing a par excellence mobile app, Max Team ensures a worry-free process from start to end.

The way we see it, there's really two parts to "understanding" your project. The first part is the discovery. The second part is to provide documentation to you that proves that we understand your requirements. We care not only about what this app does for the user, but how this app fits into your business, both short term and long. And, we'll put it on paper, to make perfectly sure that we understand each other…perfectly.

App popularity is not only a function of how well the app works, but how great the app looks. That's why we apply an expert graphic design to each and every app we produce. Depending on their purpose, some apps are graphics-intensive while others should be minimalistic. Regardless of your type of app, our experienced team of mobile designers will develop an appropriate design that promotes your new or existing brand, and engages the user.

Have you noticed that we're five steps into our process and haven't done any coding yet? I think you'll find that the process of building a quality app is very similar to building a quality home — the architect, interior designer, plumber, carpenter, electrician and landscaper — these professionals all make their plans long before a single board is cut or hole is dug.
That's because it's far easier to make changes in a design than it is to make actual changes to a finished product. We have teams of expert coders both overseas and here in the USA who are all participants in the Evolutionate App Development Process, and who will expertly code your project so that it matches perfectly to every piece of documentation we've produced, and every single expectation you have.

Quality Assurance
No app is so simple that it can be perfect at the very start. Beyond that, we sometimes find small tweaks that can make huge improvements in usability or the functionality of an app. That's why we thoroughly test everything we build extensively. And we test it to make sure that it's as good as it can possibly be. If you've worked with another app developer before, and they haven't focused on testing, it's time to find a new app developer.

Testing, along with design and documentation, are as much art as science. The actual coding is easy, by comparison, to thorough design and testing.

Releasing your app to the iTunes App Store, to Google Play or the other app markets can be tricky, but don't worry, we'll do it all for you. We'll handle all aspects of the submission of the app until we get your app ready to sell. All you need to do is what you do best: sell the heck out of your new app.

Finding bugs in software is inevitable. Even with the most thorough testing, some user might use the app in a way we never thought of. Bugs happen. What's important is how bugs are dealt with. Our development process minimizes both the number and size of these bugs so that when your app is released, it's as perfect as possible. That said, if a bug does get through, we'll fix it, free. That's because we provide a 1 year warranty from the date your app is launched. That's plenty of time for thousands — or millions — of users to use your app. And, if we find out about anything that doesn't match the specifications, it's OUR responsibility. WE will fix it.